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Car Radiator Repair & Replacement Services in Easton PA

When your car overheats, it can be a worrying situation. Worry no more. Our technicians are experts at diagnosing and repairing broken radiator and cooling systems. Before you need a new radiator, or a new engine, bring your car in for a radiator flush or fluid leak repair. Both of these services can prevent trouble from happening in the first place.

If you find yourself driving with an overheated engine, this is what you need to do before and after pulling over to cool the engine down and stay safe:

  • Open all windows while you’re still driving
  • Turn off the air conditioner if it’s in use.
  • Turn on the heat to help dissipate heat from the engine.
  • After you pull over, turn off your engine and keep the windows open.
  • Open the hood to further dissipate engine heat.
  • Do not remove the radiator cap until the engine has cooled down.
  • Add fluid to your coolant reservoir that meets your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. If you have bottled coolant on hand, read the label to find out whether to add water. For most vehicles, plain water should be a last resort.

How do you know if you’re driving with an overheated engine? Here are some of the major warning signs to be on the lookout for:

  • Your car’s dashboard is warning you about low coolant levels.
  • The car’s engine temperature gauge is showing high temperatures.
  • You notice a sweet-smelling stain under your car. (This indicates a coolant leak.)
  • White steam escaping from under your hood or out of your exhaust pipe. If you notice the latter, that’s a sign that your engine is burning coolant and is a precursor to major engine failure.

Visit our service center in Easton, PA or call our helpline number to get assistance with any cooling system repair related issue.

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